Prediksi Astrologi Nilai Mata Uang Yen Jepang Terhadap Rupiah di 2017 (english)

Prediksi Astrologi Nilai Mata Uang Yen Jepang Terhadap Rupiah di 2017 (english)

Good Ole Friend is Visiting Japan


Considering a possible family trip to Japan, a colleague was asking when would be the best time to exchange the local currency IDR (Indonesian Rupiah) to Japanese Yen. Under the assumption that the exchange could only take place in August 2017


Japan’s Date of Birth


Japan is probably one of the countries of which Independence Day is nonexistence. The

Country has a rich and long history of independency. History recalls that the only time Japan had been occupied by a foreign power was during the end of World War II whereby Japan was under the control of the Allied occupation of Japan led by General Douglas MacArthur, the Supreme Commander of the Allied Powers, The occupation, named Operation Blacklist, was ended by the San Francisco Peace Treaty, and effective from April 28, 1952, after which Japan's sovereignty was fully restored.


Animating Japan’s Sovereignty


One thing worth noting from the chart is particularly heavy concentration of planets of Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and the Sun on the 4th house, which reflects upon the land and weather conditionin the country such as earthquakes, and landslides (no wonder Japan has the highest earthquakes frequency in the world). Pluto also sits on the 8th house, marking very active capital market transactions in Japan (the Nikkei Index) and large Banks (Sumitomo-Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC) is the world’s largest Bank)


Forecasting JPY-IDR Exchange Rate in Aug 2017


During Aug 2017 there are 2 lunar (moon) returns cycle. Lunar return is an ancient technique developed originally by Al-Biruni a Muslim astrologer but latter on was enhanced and made popular by William Lily, a British Royal Astrologer, who was providing advisory to the Queen of England. The technique is basically to return the position of the Moon at the same position as it was in the birth chart.


As the distance between new moons are 29.5 days each, there are two lunar return cycles occur in August 2017. The first lunar return cycle run from Jul 21 to Aug 16 2017, the second one runs from Aug 17 – Sep 14 2017. As potentials of currency swings largely depends upon complex mathematical trade models between two countries (Japan – Indonesia), it is truly an eye opening that a forecasting technique based on ancient methodology can outperform such modern econometrics/ artificial intelligence model.


As shown below on figure 1 below, the first lunar return from Jul 21 2017 – Aug 16 2017 shows strongpotential increase in the JPY relative to IDR due to: 1. Matching polarities of the Ascendant. JPY’s natal has a Capricorn ascendant Yin(-) matches with Lunar Return’s Ascendant in Scorpio Yin (-) 2. Kite and Grand Trine structures developed between the Birth Chart and Return Chart. 3. The Sun position conjunct with ruler of the Ascendant (Scorpio vs Mars).

Figure 1 Lunar Return


The second lunar return in Aug 17 2017 (shown on figure 2 below) shows an increasing upward volatility as represented by increasing number of Kites structure, while the Sun position remains intact with the ruler of the Ascendant (Aries vs Mars).


Figure 2 Lunar Return Aug 17 2017


Transits factor also take into account. Transiting Jupiter opposing Natal Venus, and transiting venus square natal Jupiter are very active in the sky. Overall this combination is increasing with potential reaching top on Aug 31 2017, as shown on Figure 3 below.




Best Time to Exchange IDR to JPY in 2017


One of the greatest advantage of financial astrology is that it allows the astrologer to make highly accurate predictions months in advance. At the end it benefits our clients as it would enable them to make better preparation for many events such as travelling, making loan payment in foreign currency (through structuring cross currency swaps), and other activitiesin advance.


In the case of JPY-IDR currency pair, we recommend to buy JPY, when JPY during itsweakest point, and sell JPY when it is at the strongest time.



Our Recommendation


As a final recommendation, we suggest our colleague to immediately exchange the IDR to JPY in the beginning of august 2017. This is to anticipate for further increase in JPY-IDR conversion during the month. Other alternative is to delay the trip toward the end of October- early November 2017 when Saturn is rising on Japan’s Lunar Return chart. Have a safe and enjoyable trip to Japan my Friend!!!



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